Appliance Testing and Tagging

Electrical appliance test, tagging and insulation testing according to AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Fire Extinguisher

Supply, maintenance and installation

Swicthboards and RCD

Switch Boards,3-Phase and RCD

Exit Light

Supply, maintenance and installation

Minimise your business liability and protect your people
Avoid fines and the related business cost(s) of being non-compliant


WorkSafe Victoria advises that electrical safety testing and tagging for all plug-in equipment falls under the general obligations of Section 21(2)(a)of the Act.

Pricing Plan

We provide multiple levels of Maintenance Agreement package to suit all sizes of businesses and industries. We also provide ad-hoc maintenance and workshop service if you prefer to drop off an appliance for testing.

Safety Assessment

once per customer
  • On-Site Quoting


per point
  • appliances
  • switchboards
  • fire extinguishers
  • exit lightings
  • Call out fee applies

Tradies Package

per call-out
  • Includes up to:
  • 12 appliances
  • $3.90 per appliance after
  • Call out fee may apply


per interval cycle
  • Includes up to:
  • 300 appliances
  • $3.70 per appliance after
  • Call out fee may apply


per interval cycle
  • Includes up to:
  • 500 appliances
  • $3.30 per appliance after
  • No call out fee


Call for pricing
  • Over 500 total:
  • points
  • appliances
  • No call out fee

About Us

For the almost a decade, Casey Test and Tag Pty Ltd have been providing electrical safety services to both the commercial and government sectors. We a experts in our field and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, professional quality on work. prompt and on-time services. We invest in our people with training, certifications and encourage continual professional development. We also provide our specialist with the latest state of the art equipment in order to provide you, our valuable customers, with as best the quality and efficacy of services we possibly could.


Our Company Philosophy

To provide employment to Australians with a quality workplace and life balance while providing quality services to our clients.


Our Mission and Vision

To be the premier provider of health and safety services to the commercial and government sector while providing employment opportunities to Australians with a quality workplace and life balance.


Our Value and Rules

Equal opportunity non discriminatory organisation

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